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Electric Motor Repairing Rewinding and Servicing in Dubai

Marine and Industrial solutions LLC have experience Electric Motor Repairing Rewinding and Servicing in Dubai experts can give every minute of every day administration and backing. We represent considerable authority in solving your hardware issues – on schedule, to particular and within spending plan. Marine and Industrial solutions LLC has culminated the procedure to rewind AC and DC motors, ensuring excellent fix and modify.

An appropriately arranged and executed motor rewind will cause no effectiveness misfortune in electric motors, however you may see upgrades in influence thickness, dependability, and generally speaking proficiency on account of leading hardware and practices that your Marine and Industrial solutions LLC ensured professional will utilize. Electric Motor Repairing Rewinding and Servicing in Dubai. Your remake and motor rewind may include some extra enhancements you haven't considered, for example, moves up to the most recent resins and insulating tapes that can improve generally speaking warm dissemination, particularly when working on more established motors.

We are the best Electric Motor Repairing Rewinding and Servicing in Dubaiindustry have more approaches to test, fix, rewind, remanufacture and figure out heavyweight electric motors and generators than anybody in the business, with broad involvement with the evacuation and installation of enormous, exceptionally engineered applications.

Electric Motor Repairing Rewinding and Servicing in Dubai

  • Manufacturing and supply of structure wound loops set for Medium and High voltage A.C. Stators/Rotors in F and H class Insulation framework upto 13.8 KV Motors, Generators. Conforming to customers determined drawing or the example.
  • Fixes, Electrical LT and HT Motor Rewinding, Redesigning and Reconditioning of Armatures and Magnet casings of D.C. Motors, Generators and Traction Motors. Manufacturing of extra loops of various sizes and shapes for the equivalent.
  • Field administrations gave by our Technicians and Engineers for Installation of Coils of enormous machines at site to spare customers cost and time.
  • Rotor re-barring, supply of bars of any shape and joint less end rings.
  • Rebuilding of destroyed shaft and housing using low warmth warm splash innovation. Substitution of new shaft and bearing housing.
  • Fixes, Manufacturing and Re-building of Commutators and Sliprings of different kinds and sizes.

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