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Electrical Diagnostic Testing in Dubai

Marine and Industrial arrangements LLC offers far reaching types of assistance on Electrical Diagnostic Testing in Dubai and covering a wide range of low-and high-voltage engines.

Marine and Industrial arrangements LLC have encountered Electrical Diagnostic Testing in Dubai experts can give every minute of every day administration and backing. Our electric engine and industrial maintenance administrations include inspection, testing and documentation, Electrical Motor Rewinding India and reconditioning, fix and evacuation benefits just as get and conveyance of adjusted parts.

We are the best Electrical Diagnostic Testing in Dubai Industry have more approaches to test, fix, rewind, remanufacture and figure out heavyweight electric engines and generators than anybody in the business, with broad involvement with the evacuation and installation of huge, exceptionally engineered applications.

All consideration is taken to guarantee the rewind is finished in a convenient way, passes all testing and a visual inspection shows the winding helper segments, for example, wedges, blocking, flood rings, and associations are perfect and in the correct spot. At MIS we aim for our rewind work to be superior to the original.

Electrical Diagnostic Testing in Dubai-

  • Fixes, Manufacturing, and Re-building of Commentators and springs of various types and sizes.
  • Fixes, Rewinding and Reconditioning of Transformers up to 20 MVA/132 KV.
  • Dynamic Balancing of rotating machines as much as 5 Tons weight on chip based machine and as much as 12 tons (re-appropriate office).
  • Vibration Analysis and In-Situ unique balancing. Modification/Upgrading/Redesign of Motors, Generators to improve their rating and effectiveness.
  • Supply and fixing of ferromagnetic and metallic wedges/clay.
  • Lingering life appraisal.
  • Section level estimation and arrangement framework for rotating machines.

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