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Repair & Rewinding

MIS comprehensive services covering all types of low- and high-voltage motors.

MIS experienced electric motor repair professionals can provide 24/7 service and support. Our electric motor and industrial maintenance services include inspection, testing and documentation, motor rewind and reconditioning, repair and removal services as well as pick-up and delivery of serviced parts.

We have more ways to test, repair, rewind, remanufacture and reverse engineer heavyweight electric motors and generators than anyone in the business, with extensive experience in the removal and installation of large, highly engineered applications.

Repair & Rewinding Shop

We provide premium, first article inspection and quality control throughout the entire process of manufacturing to ensure all parts, components and assemblies conform with contractual and design specification requirements. Our job routers, materials, outside services and inspection procedures follow through with traceable barcoding and certifications. Our jobs are tracked throughout the total process from estimation, job order, production and shipments. We provide traceability through our record retention system. We can meet shipping and packaging requirements.

  • Repairs, Rewinding, Redesigning and Reconditioning of A.C. Stators and Rotors upto 13.8 KV. Made to its original / designed specifications and tested according to the latest International / National Standards.
  • Manufacturing and supply of form wound coils set for Medium and High voltage A.C. Stators / Rotors in F & H class Insulation system upto 13.8 KV Motors, Generators. Conforming to clients specified drawing or the sample.
  • Repairs, Rewinding, Redesigning and Reconditioning of Armatures and Magnet frames of D.C. Motors, Generators and Traction Motors. Manufacturing of spare coils of different sizes & shapes for the same.
  • Field services provided by our Technicians and Engineers for Installation of Coils of large machines at site to save clients cost and time.
  • Also provides field services of our Technicians and Engineers to carry out thorough REPAIRS & OVERHAULS of your Motors, Generators & Transformers at site or at our works.
  • Rotor re-barring, supply of bars of any shape and joint less end rings.
  • Rebuilding of worn out shaft & housing using low heat thermal spray technology. Replacement of new shaft and bearing housing.
  • Stators, Rotors and Armatures Core Staggering / building and Replacement.
  • Repairs, Manufacturing and Re-building of Commutators & Sliprings of all types and sizes.
  • Repairs, Rewinding and Reconditioning of Transformers upto 20 MVA / 132 KV.
  • Dynamic Balancing of rotating machines upto 25 Tons weight on microprocessor based machine.
  • Vibration Analysis and In-Situ dynamic balancing.
  • Modification / Upgrading / Redesign of Motors, Generators to improve their rating and efficiency.
  • Supply and fixing of ferromagnetic and metallic wedges / putty.
  • Residual life assessment (Online and Offline Testing).
  • Entry level measurement and alignment system for rotating machines.

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