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Marine and Industrial Solutions LLC

Since 2000, we have been engaged in providing quality mechanical and electrical services to a large number of client spread across various field of operation. Marine and Industrial Solutions LLC. has been producing quality work for its customers. MIS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Motor, Generators, Alternators and Transformer Rewinding & Diagnostics Testing. Well equipped motor LV & MV rewinding shop can handle upto 50 MW rotating machines and repair all types of motors, compressors, generators, Pumps, etc. We are committed to superior quality, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Marine and Industrial Solutions LLC. Work hard to:

  • Manufacture quality goods and serve our customers with the best services in order to achieve highest customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement, innovation and up-gradation of our machines, tools and skill by adapting the latest technology available in the area of our work to be the reasonable and accurate.
  • Provide effective, efficient & prompt service striving to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering quality products “on-time every time”.
  • We follow strictly to the Quality Management Systems.
  • Work together with our employees and customer to fulfill our organization and social goal.
  • Carry out activities by abiding all the rules and regulation guiding us from time to time.


Be one stop service provider for all types of machining, fabrication and motor LV & MV rewinding, repair services leading us to growth and sustainability.


To provide complete Mechanical and electrical engineering solution using proper mix of latest technology and our experience to achieve total customer satisfaction our mission is to provide the solutions that clients require to accomplish their objectives in today's business environment. We have an absolute commitment to client satisfaction while offering an expansive selection of professional and management services. Our success is based on the success and satisfaction of our clients. Our objective is to build long-term client relationships based on our technical acumen, and solid performance while obtaining mutual trust and respect.

Our Quality Management policy is to ensure critical quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process, providing confirmation that all production parts, components and assemblies conform with the contractual and design specification requirements as per our customers.

MIS Machine Shop has a history of providing quality, personalized service to a wide variety of commercial & government enterprises. Our quality inspection department calibration compliance certificates are available upon request as provided by ISO quality certified inspectors.

We certify to meet our customer’s quality expectations and our quality system and manual is available for our customers’ inspection and approval. Job routers, materials, outside services and inspections procedures are tracked and maintained for traceability. We take great pride in our workmanship, complying with custom specifications, standards and requirements demanded by the market(s) you serve. We promise to provide the highest quality services.

MIS subscribes to an unwavering and uncompromising commitment to personal and product safety for its employees, customers and clients. The equipment and material that we use in our manufacturing processes and the end products that are produced will be continually evaluated for personal, environmental and workplace safety. Employees will regularly attend safety meetings and conferences. Potentially unsafe conditions in the workplace will be identified and corrected. Our clients and customers will be encouraged to view Health and Safety as a team effort and everyone’s responsibility. The Company continues to direct and maintain a well-planned, proven safety program. The program has been developed to ensure compliance with Federal, State and various Client rules and regulations to protect the health and safety of all parties involved in our projects.